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sight flow indicators

with DIN flanges
   Bauform 880
   Bauform 880-K
   Bauform 880-RK/RP
   Bauform 885
   Bauform 887
   Bauform 912
   Bauform 50
   Bauform 108
   Bauform 108-B
   Bauform 111
   Bauform 112
   steam mode
with ANSI flanges
   Bauform 880-A
   Bauform 880-A-K
   Bauform 880-A-RK/RP
   Bauform 112-A
   Bauform 912-A
with threaded connection
   Bauform 881
   Bauform 881-K
   Bauform 881-RK/RP
with butt- or socked-weld ends
   Bauform 880-S
   Bauform 880-SOW
   Bauform 108-S
   Bauform 111-S
   Bauform 112-S
   Bauform 911-S
   Bauform 912-S
in angle- or 3-way- line
   Bauform 920
   Bauform 972
   Bauform 974
tubular-sight glass
   Bauform 20
   Bauform 20-A
   Bauform 25
   Bauform 25-A
   Bauform 25-B
   Bauform 880-HM
   light fitting
   Bauform 880-I
   Bauform 880-W
   Bauform 880-D
   Bauform 885-D
   Bauform 880-V
   protective fence

tank sight glass-fittings

to be welded directly to tanks
   Bauform 120
   Bauform 118
   Bauform 119
   Bauform 220
   Bauform 225
   Bauform 127
   Bauform 230
   Bauform 190
   Bauform 195
   Bauform 198
   Bauform 120-V
   Bauform 120-D-HZ
   Bauform 126-D-HZ
   light fittings
   protective fence
to be mounted to an existing flange
   Bauform 121
   Bauform 121-A
   Bauform 121-H
   Bauform 121-V
   Bauform 121-D
   Bauform 121-I
   Bauform 121-W
   Bauform 1205
   Bauform 232


Bauform 140
Bauform 140-A 150 LBS
Bauform 140-A 300 LBS
Bauform 141
Bauform 150
Bauform 155
Bauform 146
Bauform 148


sight glass-plates and gaskets
   DIN 7080
   DIN 8902
   DIN 7081
   light fitting BKVLR
   light fitting KEL

• Hydraulic Elements

Piston system

Series N10.02
Series N10.02-DA
Series N10.04
Series N10.04-DA
Series N11.02
Series N11.02-DA
Pressure indicator axial
Pressure indicator tangential

Grease coupling system

Series N20.04
Series N21.04
Series N27.04

Oil coupling system

Series N30.04
Series N30.06
Series N30.10
Series N31.04
Series N31.06
Series N31.10
Series N32.04
Series N32.06
Series N32.10

Fixed connection

fixed connection (round)
   Series N40.04
   Series N40.06
   Series N40.10
   Series N41.04
   Series N41.06
   Series N41.10
fixed connection (rectangle)
   Series N51.02
   Series N51.05
fixed connection (square)
   Series N52.02
   Series N52.04
   Series N52.10


   HFP 920.01.400 / 700
   LHFP 920.12.600
   HP 930.02.400 / 700
   HP 930.03.700
nipple / coupling
   HFN 820.01.700
   HFK 821.01.700
   HN 830.01.700
   HK 831.01.700

Hydraulik nuts

Series 148

Hydraulic clamp screws

Series 200

Hydraulic clamp plates

Series 300

Hydraulic pre-tensioning tools

Series 400

Hydraulic block nuts

Series 500

Hydraulic step nuts

Series 600

Hydraulic clamping cylinders

Series 700

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