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Hydraulic clamp nut

in various shapes and sizes
with different media
with different operation

Hydraulik nuts

for rolling bearing assembly
with tapered bore

Hydraulic clamp screws

similar to hydraulic clamp nuts
though with threaded pin

Hydraulic clamp plates

a combination of several clamping elements
with connecting bore
number depends on technical factors

Hydraulic pre-tensioning tools

different types
pump included in assembly unit

Hydraulic block nuts

different types available

Hydraulic step nuts

design according to customer
with pressure reliefe valve
with HER-valve
with pressure switch
with hoist limit switch

Hydraulic clamping cylinders

e.G. pulling / pushing
hydraulic tailstock clamping


high pressure grease pumps
air-operated high pressure grease pumps
high pressure oil pumps
high pressure one-step pumps
high pressure nipple
high pressure coupling

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